Revenant (automatism) wrote in rate_me_goth,

rate my gawthy ass

name: jen aka automatism
age: 20
location: providence, ri
relationship status: long term relationship
sexuality: straight
music: einsturzende neubauten, skinny puppy, siouxsie & the banshees, umbra et imago, tanzwut, x-mal deutschland, das ich, nina hagen, feindflug, lacrimosa, malice mizer, joy division, gridlock, android lust, hocico, cenobita, the sisters of mercy, alien sex fiend dreadful shadows, clan of xymox. . . .
movies: a clockwork orange, titus, requiem for a dream, delicatessen, city of lost children, end of evangelion, amadeus, dangerous liasions, tetsuo the iron man, casshern
nicknames: panzer wench, defektive produkt
hobbies/interests: drawing, painting, book binding, weightlifting, occaisional clubbing, stompy dancing, reading comics/graphic novels, wwi and wwii history, art history, futurism, dadaism, surrealism, greek philosophy, weimar germany culture, machine parts, abandoned buildings, gasmasks
clothing: 20 eye oxblood steel-toe gripfast boots or beat up 10 eye black steel-toe docs, altered band t-shirts/form fitting long sleeved shirts/mesh shirts, tight black jeans/black military bdus/above the knee skirts,leather jacket with neubauten symbol and gears painted on it, chain necklace or leather bondage colar, grommet belt with gasmask belt buckle

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