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Gothic App...

|.X.|Where are you from-Treasure Island,Florida
|.X.|Relationship Status-Single...
|.X.|Music Picks-Avenged Sevenfold,Atreyu,Kittie,Marilyn Manson,Slipknot,The Cruxshadows,Morbid Angel,Underoath,From Autumn to Ashes,Bleeding Through,Nine Inch Nails,Mudvayne,awhole bunch...
|.X.|Fav Movies-SLC Punk,The Smokers,
|.X.|Nicknames-Munckin,Psycho Bitch,& Shorty...
|.X.|What you do in your freetime-listen to music,hang out with friends,poetry,& going to shows...
|.X.|Fav article of clothing/Outfit-I like to wear my boots w/my black skirt with red fishnet trim & my misfits shirt w/a fishnet top under it w/my 3 row studded belt...
|.X.|3+ Pictures-
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Hopefully this community isn't too dead...
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