Miss Burlesque (mamahahn) wrote in rate_me_goth,
Miss Burlesque


|.X.|Name- Nikki

|.X.|Age- 17

|.X.|Where are you from- Perry, Georgia

|.X.|Relationship Status- Single

|.X.|Sexuality- Straight but could be Bi.. never tried

|.X.|Music Picks- Bjork, The Killers, Le Tigre, H.I.M., Loreena Mckennitt, Delerium, My Chemical Romance, Manson, Muse, Collide, Interpol, The Cruxshadows

|.X.|Fav Movies- The Boondock Saints , Elizabeth, Romeo + Juliet, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Hell's Angels, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Crow, Sleepy Hollow

|.X.|Nicknames- Nik, Mama, Ho..

|.X.|What you do in your freetime- Fence (the sport), Paint, Read all sorts of books, cook, study up on ancient cultures, gawk at lovlies like Dita Von Teese, drool over tightlacing corsets and victorian clothes that I cannot afford

|.X.|Fav article of clothing/Outfit- Renaissance style black brocade corset with black opera length gloves and black floor length bustle skirt. I know it sound so cliche but I really do just love black and glamourous clothes.

|.X.|3+ Pictures-
Showing off my fashion corset..It's not for tightlacingNot really wanting a picture taken but complying for the sake of peacecrazy photoshoot shot that I did two years ago..
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