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Be Kind...


|.X.|Name- Siri
|.X.|Age- 20
|.X.|Where are you from- New York, NY.
|.X.|Relationship Status- Taken
|.X.|Music Picks-
*takes a breath...*
-Sisters of Mercy
-The Cure
-The Mekons
-Black Tape for a Blue Girl
-Unto Ashes
-David Bowie
-Bella Morte
-The Creatures
-Cocteau Twins
-The Brides
-Circle of Dust
-The Smiths
-Joy Devision
-Miranda Sex Garden
-Concrete Blonde
-Depeche Mode...and more.
|.X.|Fav Movies-
-Blade Runner
-Princess Bride
-Out of the Past
-Night of the Hunter
-The Hunger
-The Man who Fell to Earth
-The Unbearable Lightness of Being
-Blue Angel
-Ed Wood
-Breakfast Club
-Picnic at Hanging Rock
-Velvet Goldmine... and more...
|.X.|Nicknames-Adrain and Alice mostly... sometimes "Monkey," but I hate that.
|.X.|What you do in your freetime- Make books out of electric tape, dance, go to clubs, read, walk in the park, watch movies, write...
|.X.|Fav article of clothing/Outfit- My vintage Ramons shirt, my knee high Doc Martins, my velvet coat.
|.X.|3+ Pictures- Not being on my own computer at the moment, I'm at a disadvantage, the first one is two years old, and the second two are from this Halloween, I was Titania. (Sorry for the size, no photoshop on this computer.) Not the most goth images I have... but it's something. Maybe better ones next time...

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