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|.X.|Name- Christine
|.X.|Age- 16
|.X.|Where are you from- Ontario, Canada
|.X.|Relationship Status- Single but committed.
|.X.|Sexuality- Bi.
|.X.|Music Picks- Joy Division, U2, Black Sabbath, Velvet Revolver, the Cure, the Doors, Marilyn Manson, Bjork, Faithless, Garbage.
|.X.|Fav Movies- Quills, Goodfellas, Jaws, There's Something About Mary, Last of the Mohicans.
|.X.|Nicknames- 'Steen', 'Steeny', 'Chrissie'
|.X.|What you do in your freetime- photography, digital art, writing, sculpting, making pillows, decorating, yoga, meditation, playing with my rattie.
|.X.|Fav article of clothing/Outfit- Crushed velvet mini-dress I got at Value Village for $6.
|.X.|3+ Pictures-

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