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|.X.|Name- Starr.

|.X.|Age- 18.

|.X.|Where are you from- Tucson, Arizona.

|.X.|Relationship Status- Eh, serious but going horribly wrong these days.

|.X.|Sexuality- Bisexual.

|.X.|Music Picks- Type O Negative, Darkthrone, Emperor, Ladytron, Death, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Cradle of Filth, Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk, Bauhaus, Haujobb, Opeth, Wumpscut, Wolfsheim, etc.

|.X.|Fav Movies- Texas Chainsaw, Massacre, Spun, Party Monster, Begotten, Dawn of the Dead, Elvira, Evil Dead, Dead Alive, etc.

|.X.|Nicknames- Tari, Starrberry, and Divinity.

|.X.|What you do in your freetime- Piercings, writing, photography, reading, working on my website (I just learned html), listening to music, looking for new bands, that sort of stuff.

|.X.|Fav article of clothing/Outfit- My corset and socks.

|.X.|3+ Pictures-
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